Open letter to President Donald Trump from a Palestinian citizen in Jerusalem

May 20, 2020 I AM A PALESTINIAN FROM JERUSALEM, HOLY LAND Being in Jerusalem is a great privilege that is not available to everyone. It is the place that...

May 20, 2020


Being in Jerusalem is a great privilege that is not available to everyone. It is the place that God chose to deposit his divine messages by turning this earth into a Holy Land, a World Heritage Site and the main source of cultures and civilizations. At its gates  all the invading monsters were defeated  as well as their idols  of war. Thus, I feel very privileged to be from Jerusalem, and proud, at the same time and as a resident of Barcelona, ​​addition of being a citizen of the world. It is my Jerusalem that gave me its great culture and guided me by its   divine messages of how   to love and defend its land, messages of tolerance and dialogue in order to live in peace.

As a child, when I began to distinguish colors and figures, the drums of World War II brought to me agony , torture   hunger and all kinds of  suffering. Everything seemed endless: the seconds became minutes, hours; the hours, became  days, and the days, into  weeks; weeks into months; the months, into years, and the years, into centuries.

But they never prevented me from believing in God and that we are right: the paranoid Hitler and his genocide were defeated. We as  Arabs, and especially the Palestinians, welcomed and sympathized with the Nazism  victims, especially the Jews. At the time,  the volcano became a pool of oil, and then the hope arose, in short time . but  our country, Palestine, became the new victim the only hopeless land among  the rest of the Arab world.

The treacherous British  colonialists had divided the Arab world by imposing dictatorial and collaborationist regimes, in order to  fulfill the declaration of Balfour issued  in 1917 by the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Balfour,by which he promised   the international Zionist movement to give the Jews . Palestine, and establishing  a Jewish state. Despite the fact that the Arabs fought alongside with  the Allies, led by Britain, against the Ottomans in World War I, the Allied   states established  oppressive primitive  fundamentalist Islamist regimes, in the liberated regions from the Ottoman Empire

By such aggressive British  policy  the victims became executioners. The Zionist movement  committed  massacres , genocide and ethnic cleansing  against the Palestinians by the most cruel Zionist terrorist gangs – of more than  eighty thousand soldier. My unarmed  people paid heavy price in its  mostly   civil resistance . The rest of the  Arabs, who deployed more than twenty thousand soldiers to defend the Palestinians ,  were also helpless  because  they were poorly armed and ill trained, and therefor Palestine was occupied and   the State of Israel was declared l.

Three years after the declaration of this racist state, I was  ten years old, but  the faces of the Zionist terrorists and mercenaries who committed  terror with the tattoo of the Star of David on their arms did not fade from my retina. Anger and helplessness made me grow up too fast, and suddenly  I felt like an adult when I was still a kid. Influenced by  a  good neighbor , a Palestinian  Christian from Jerusalem  who was a  leader of the Communist Party, I joined his militant ranks and began to fight against the dictatorial and pro-Western regime of King Abdullah, traitor of  the Palestinian cause and oppressor of the Palestinian people. That good man who introduced me to the world of militancy  was assassinated inside  Al-Aqsa Mosque, when he was distributing  party pamphlets calling for a revolutionary change He was committed leader and freedom fighter . Later, at the when I was fifteen years old , I joined the ranks of the Arab Nationalist Party.

For these reasons and while witnessing the international political scene , led by Trump  a controversial  President  oppressive  for power and lacking convenient high  education  racist , politically  illiterate , and  ignorant of history, turned into a puppet in the hands of the international Zionist movement and Jewish lobby (IBAC); a president who bought  the miserable votes to any of these ambitious lack of conscience, honesty, and love of the land and inspired  by Masonic fundamentalists, convinced of constituting a superior race , supported  by economic interests of  the military industry and oil, who endanger  world peace , prosperity and well-being.  I am obliged  to write this letter  praying to God that someone can bring it to Mr. Trump.

Mr. President, I don’t know if you know what meditation means. If you know, I advise you  to seek refuge in the White House, isolated with your wife and children, and accompanied by an honest historian, so that he may simply tell you the history of our world, which I can summarize: all empires have fallen. Some have even disappeared when the last emperor of these empires believed that he was God, or his shadow on Earth, and invincibly perpetrated atrocities. He had a desire to dominate the planet, therefor  he declared war one after another, occupied  countries and plundered the proprieties of the other peoples and strategic rich regions  , … By the time , he  won those battles, he was  victorious in  those wars, but he did not imagine –how such unhuman actions would boomerang on him because hatred , lead  to  hatred against him and his empire in every handful of occupied and subdued land.

Mr. President, I don’t know if you have   heard  the  calls of  millions  shouting “No to war.” I don’t know if you’ve seen the terrifying images of the millions of children, women and the elderly dead, burned or maimed by  your  missiles and bombs, which brought , racism and death , Specially  your  wars in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Somalia.

Don’t you know that you have lost all credibility as a person because you act as  a robot man without feelings and without consciousness. And also as a ruler, You have made  America and the Americans  losing the values  that once distinguished their nation: democracy, freedom, free thought, tolerance, respect for other ,such values were represented by the Statue of Liberty which  made New York, the most famous city in the world, Mecca of all the oppressed and poor individuals  as a symbol , of ambitions , science and knowledge. But your actions  have shown how you were shortsighted  when you turned the  Statue of Liberty  into  Dracula…

And as the  judge, in  international politics, you have practiced  double standard policy when you offered bribes to get majority  votes of the  jury and threatened to   apply to the international law in order to subjugate  your opponents , who were usually  used to  be obedient with your policies along with other puppet regimes and mercenaries like  the state of Israel.

Mr. President, stop on encouraging the wars , force  Israel to comply with international law: Security Council resolutions 194-242-338  so that the  Palestinians will be able to establish  their secular state, defend the real  democracy, justice, equality and development in order to bring  peacein the entire Middle East.

I remind you that in your election campaign you promised your people to give priority to “  America first ” but what you have done is the opposite, you made the Zionist state expanding its  occupying  until it occupied  the oval office of the White House.

You practiced genuine mafia methods by imposing taxes on the chiefs, dictators and corrupt rulers of the Saudi Wahhabist regime and the Arabian Gulf states which  have funded fundamentalist  Islamic terrorism around the world. I remind you of the attack on the Twin Towers.

Finally, I want to ask you, who are you to give the historic capital of Palestine, Jerusalem, to the occupying Zionist state? Is this fair ? I assure you that the Palestinians will defend with their nails and teeth to reclaim their Holy City. As far as I know, my family had been living in Jerusalem  before Jesus Christ  was born.

My advice, Mr. President, is to think deeply and beware of your future when the history will condemn you as   a monster, a criminal   of War, who sowed death, terror, destruction, famine, suffering. and confrontation between civilizations, eliminating  the bright  history of America, as a symbol of democracy, freedom, and solidarity. I am sure you  still have time to correct the course, appointing new officials , wise and humane people, free wise  politicians  and not seeking economic or religious interests. You  must once again be the composer and teacher who plays the symphony of dialogue and bury forever  the ax of war, because America has all  the sources  to do so.

Dr. Radi M. Shuaibi

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